Free Webinar – Coming in January…

Ringette Coaches – This is for you!!

How to Manage your Game Bench for Success

– Checklists for bench management
– Game Prep Template
– Game roles for bench staff
– Typical line up rotations
– Pre Game and Post Game Routines
– Why and when to call a time out
– Explain a tactic during the time out in 30 seconds
– When to give feedback on the bench
– When to pull the goalie
– Managing goaltenders in a tough game
– Game stats and video analysis
– How and when to talk to referees
– What to do when your team is losing

We will offer two sessions, as we did for our FREE webinars in November. It will likely be on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 8 pm to accommodate ringette coaches in different time zones. 

Sponsored by Ringette: The Board Game and presented by the Youldon Group

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About Our Free Webinar Sponsor…. 

Ringette players and teams love to socialize and foster friendships through their passion for the sport of Ringette. 

The Youldon Group knows this all too well. With over two decades in ringette, we are delighted to bring another innovation to the Ringette community. 

Who Benefits?

  • Great for team building and bonding, teaching young and new players to the sport about ringette rules, tactics and life choices. 
  • Wonderful at tournaments when players need time together and “down-time” between games. 
  • Helps players get acquainted as part of an early season social to plan the season together. 
  • Get several copies for your ringette team so that all players can play at the same time; host a round robin Board Game tournament just for your team.  
  • Good choice for end of season parties and gifts for ringette players and their friends, fans and family. 

About the Game

Ringette: The Board Game was designed to emulate the ringette lifestyle. Just like the ice version, Ringette: The Board Game features chance, strategy, a competitive journey to the World Ringette Championships, knowledge about tactics, and random ringette life events. And, the best part – it is played by 6 players at the same time. And, it is competitive. 

Ringette players will love “Ringette: The Board Game.” They will have experienced many of the elements of the game. 

Roll the dice and proceed down the ringette pathway, encountering typical ringette life events such as ringette summer camps, games, tournaments, skating sharpening, and head to head competition using “rock, paper, scissors.” Collect and spend ringette bucks as the journey unfolds, make good decisions – just like on the ice and off the ice – and the winner is revealed as the one with the most bucks when the game is over. 

Hey, if you don’t have all weekend to play Ringette: The Board Game – no problem – use a set time limit to declare the winner. 

Click here to see our short video (1 min, 42 seconds) about the Board Game. 


Recommended Age

This is a family game. Anyone who can roll the dice and follow along can play.

Players need to be able to read the cards and follow the directions. Suitable for U12 and above. For younger players, such as U10, some support may be needed to help with reading.


$35 plus shipping to anywhere in Canada 

How to Order your copy

“Shop Now” by visiting our e-commerce site in partnership with Square. 

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Read about our product launch at the Nepean Ringette Tournament on November 17th, 2018.

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Who is buying Ringette: The Board Game?

  • We have sold it all across Canada from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia,  
  • Fraser Valley Ringette Association bought 4 copies. 
  • Timmins Ringette Association bought 3 copies. 

Here is what people said when they saw  “Ringette: The Board Game” in action.

  • “This is really cool”
  • “You got me, I love it – I want one”
  • “Coaches will love this for their players”
  • “Hey, this will be really great for our players during away tournaments”
  • “Can you come to our tournament, as a preferred vendor?”
  • “My daughter really loved playing the game – can we get a copy prior to Christmas?”
  • “What is this, wow!”

True Ringette: The Board Game Stories 

True Story # 1: Max from Edmonton.

  • Plays the board game for 4 hours during the Gloucester Tournament, amassing huge amounts of Ringette Bucks and many Ringette player cards; when asked why he does not go and watch his two sisters play ringette, young Max replies, “oh, this board game is much more interesting than watching my two sisters play ringette.”

True Story # 2:  The Piggy Bank

  • Young player from Ottawa area; loves the game and wants to play with her team; but no cash; mom and dad say no; but she says “I have the money in my piggy bank, and I would like to use it to buy a copy of Ringette: The Board Game.”

True Story # 3: Team Building and Team Fund Raising

  • A whole team of 15 are playing (even though the limit is 6); they just cannot stop sharing and enjoying being with their team mates; they go through their pockets and find enough change among them to buy a copy of the game. (take away: teams love this game and the interactions it creates between participants).