Another Successful Youth Coaching Workshop

On Friday, November 10, the Youldon Group completed another youth leadership ringette coaching workshop with 22 participants from the Nepean Ringette Association.

The two hour design focuses on teaching U14 and U16 the skills, knowledge and tools to make them effective and efficient on-ice drill leaders, supporters and designers.

Participants learned:

  • about how to take advantage of their past ringette playing experience and skills;
  • how to support drills to make them safe and efficient;
  • what makes drills successful;
  • how to design drills to use all the ice, all the coaches, to make them relevant to a game situation, and to build on required ringette skills;
  • how to explain a drill in less than 60 seconds using a best practices “drill template;”
  • how to use video to recognize the difference between existing and desired individual and team skill in order to improve performance;
  • to teach skills using the concept of “key teaching points” in order to improve athlete engagement and understanding;
  • what equipment and clothing is required to be an effective coach.

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