Balanced Scorecard for Ringette Teams

Shots on goal, plus / minus or giveaways and takeaways. Dartfish for video tracking and iPhone apps for recording where the shot was taken on the ice.

There is no shortage of performance measures and technology that can be used to describe a ringette game or a full season.

Tracking numbers and video clips, although fun, educational and entertaining,  can become overwhelming. Using the results to determine a course of action may not be obvious, or easy to implement.

Performance measures should address several dimensions of your season that coaches will want to master:

  • competitiveness;
  • tactical success;
  • individual skill development;
  • team cohesion;
  • knowledge;
  • age appropriate fitness measures;

To determine team competitiveness, shots on goal and save percentage for goalies tell a story about ring possession and goalie performance. If the other team has 50 % more shots, they are likely a superior team, and adjustments should be made next time in terms of line-up, tactics and preparation.

For tactical success, count the number of successful breakout patterns or free passes completed, and watch one of your favourite tactics to see if your players can do it. If not, make an adjustment, and learn from your mistakes.

Individual skill development can be assessed using video standards, such as the new Novice skills matrix from the Ontario Ringette Association. Use an iPad or video camera to record a player doing a basic drill, show them how they look and tell them how the skill should be performed.

For team cohesion and team maturity, try this mid-season player survey (Excel) which asks players a variety of questions to determine what they think of your program so far. Use the results to create an important dialogue between the players and the coaching staff about what is working, what is not, and what can be done to make it better.

See our Ringette Coaching toolkit for more templates.




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