Ringette Coaching Workshops

These workshops are offered in partnership with local ringette associations. Contact us for details.

The following workshops have been offered in partnership with West Ottawa, Nepean and Metcalfe Ringette Associations.

Our Fall line-up will be adjusted based on the need and discussions with local associations.

Workshop # 1: Jump Start: “Athlete to Coach”

Are you a Junior (U-16) or Belle (U-19) ringette player?

Have you ever considered working as an assistant coach, leading ringette skills sessions or getting a job at a summer ringette camp?

This two hour FREE workshop is for ringette players only. Learn and practice what to say and how to say it to get your athletes to do proper on-ice drills. Discover your strengths in leadership and communication and what you need to practice. Hand-outs provided.

Led by Paul Youldon, Level 3 Certified Coach; Certification Evaluator for “Competition: Introduction;” 18 years coaching experience; Co-designer of MY Ringette Camps.

Workshop # 2: “Skills and Drills for Novice and Petite Coaches”

Helping to coach a Novice or Petite ringette team? Coached for less than three years?

At this two hour FREE workshop, watch and discuss video examples of drills that support recommended skills for Novice and Petite players (U-8 to U-12). Get the key teaching points.

Understand and apply the building blocks of young ringette player development. Learn techniques for great drill design and leadership. Learn, discover and share within a community of other developing ringette coaches and learn the Nepean way.

Led by Paul Youldon, Level 3 Certified Coach; Certification Evaluator for “Competition: Introduction;” 18 years coaching experience; Co-designer of MY Ringette Camps.

Workshop # 3: “Ringette Coaching Café for Experienced Coaches”

Coached for several years? Been to a few rinks? Got the t-shirt? Refining your coaching toolkit?

At this two hour FREE information sharing and exchange session, meet other experienced Nepean coaches, and exchange drills, game tactics and other things you deem relevant. Help build the Nepean Ringette coaching community.

Bring your coaching board, samples of drills or a ringette team problem you would like to solve.

Potential topics for discussion and exchange include drills, game tactics, teaching core individual skills, team building activities, communications with players and parents, tournament management, game bench management, line-up and roster structure, getting players into the right positions, season planning, working with assistant coaches, dealing with difficult players, athlete mental training, nutrition, hydration, and off-ice conditioning.

Paul Youldon, experienced Nepean coach, will act as a “neutral facilitator” and organize simultaneous small discussion groups. Join the discussion table relevant to you. The room will be set-up with multiple tables and chairs to support numerous discussion groups. Paper, pencils, and rink diagrams will be provided at each table for doodling and perhaps building your next practice plan.

  • Two hour time period  – easy on the schedule
  • Meet other coaches in the same situation – be part of the community
  • Addresses day-to-day challenges facing ringette coaches – use it today
  • Workshop workbook to summarize takeaways – build your action plan

Other workshop-based “jump start” coaching development offerings from our Ottawa office:

  • “Pattern-based Ringette:” why do some teams and associations keep having success, while others are left at the “Ringette Line” unable to get out of their zone. Discover the winning patterns that are followed by the well respected coaches. Bring these findings to your young players so that they learn them early in the Ringette careers and prevent bad habits from forming.
  • “Running the Best Practices:” Practice planning is time consuming and hard to master. Delivery can be worse. Learn how to optimize your design time, get your coaches on-side and involved, and how to deliver the practice to players so that they can perform the practice, benefit from it, and get spoiled by the superior practices.
  • “Open Players – New to Ringette, but want to Coach:” Open Rec and B players with daughters who love the game, but want more knowledge about ringette, and how to move into a leadership role. Plus, learn how to parent ringette players for performance, domestic harmony and enjoyment.
  • “Fitness for Ringette Coaches: learn what exercise physiologists can tell us about fitness theory and practice and what makes the most sense for Ringette. Learn what energy systems, exercises, and leadership techniques will work with Ringette players.
  • “Defensive tactics:”  learn leading approaches to defending; how can each position on the ice contribute to your defensive strategies; learn how to get your players to understand the roles, the choices, and to have the confidence to do run these approaches in a game situation.
  • “Ringette Coaching Alignment:” Who guides the coaches in a local association? Who works for who? Coach or association executive? This consensus and policy building workshop brings together key leaders in local associations and uses proven group facilitation and consensus building techniques to map out the role of the coach, role of the association, and what coaches are expected to do and what value they are expected to bring to ringette associations. Contact the Youldon Group to discuss how we can add value to your local association.