Ringette Coaching Toolkit

Ringette coaches are busy doing practice planning, game preparation, travel arrangements and player discussions – the list never ends.

Try these tools to get the work done and save time:

  • Pre-Season Notice (click here to download MS Word file) – new **May 2014**

(Description: Based on common parental questions, instructions are provided for each section, along with sample text that you can edit; includes sample spreadsheet budget built into the Word document. Headings: tryouts, about coaches, season plan, playing time expectations, sportsmanship expectations, managing conflict, team rules, schedule, coach parent communications, emergency action plan, managing harassment, volunteering, and contact guidelines.)

  • Practice Plan Template (click here to download MS Excel file)

(Description: Enter team name, date, time, skater outline drills, goalie drills in a simple input screen, and what you type moves over into a printable two page plan. Add your drill descriptions and diagrams and you look like the perfect ringette coach. Offers six time blocks for a 50 min ice practice to ensure your practice is structured and reminds you of the key teaching points for your athletes).

  • Rink Diagram – One Page Format (click here to download Adobe PDF file) 

(Description: Full Page Width Colour Rink Diagram. Great for table top discussions among coaches and with players. White space for notes and key teaching points).

  • Practice Plan Template for Diagrams (click here to download MS Powerpoint file)

(Description: Use the default graphics to show skaters with and without rings, opponents, key messages, enjoy the special ringette ice graphic, add a new slide and you get the ice diagram in the background, create the pictures here and use a screen capture program to bring it into MS Excel). 

  • Drill Assessement  (click here to download MS Excel file)

(Description: Try these well established ringette assessments to rate your players. Use them for tryouts, or to see how your players are performing on typical Ringette drills. Used for 10 years by the Youldon Group and proven to show the difference between strong and less strong players. Helps provide objective data for association tryouts in conjunction with game play scrimmage assessments).   

  • Game Stats and Performance Measures (click here to download MS Excel file)

(Description: Track shots on goals, giveaways and takeaways, plus and minus, coaches game observations, goalie feedback, rosters, and line change frequency and season stats). 

  • Mid-Season Player Survey (click here to download MS Excel file)

(Description: Hand out to players in pencil and paper format. Players rate to what degree they agree or disagree with the statements on the survey. Use the results to support a player and coaches meeting about team performance and cohesion in order to make any changes). 

  • Season Block Design (click here to download MS Excel file)

(Description: Using key ringette coaching domains map out your key activities by month. Prints on one page for easy reading. Track your progress through the season. Use it to plan practices. Use it to talk to coaches about team plans and to  improve consensus among your coaching staff). 

  • Co Coaching Inventory (click here to download PDF file)

(Description: Use the Youldon Group Ringette Coaching Framework and questions to clarify roles and expectations for the head coach and assistants and to discuss  sensitive situations that may occur throughout the season. Use the inventory to prepare for the coaches meeting at the start of the season). 

  • 3 v 3 Round Robin “Sweden Cup” Tournament (click here to download MS Excel file)

(Description: Create a 30 minute express 2 v 2 round robin tournament with your team. Create 5 teams of 2 to 3 players. Games are 2 minutes long. Use one half of the ice. Award points for goals, shots on goal, and goalie saves. Kit includes playing rules, tie breaking rules, rosters, game sheets, goalie scoring sheets and draw-board. Prizes for winning teams sold separately).