Fitness for Travelers

On the road again?

Changing time zones, and schedules can disrupt even the best intentions.

Re-frame your exercise thinking on the road. Strive for program maintenance and stress free exercise.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • use an elastic band, such as surgical tubing which fits into any suitcase and use it to offer resistance for strength and muscle toning exercises;
  • do your normal stretching exercises which requires little equipment, other than space and perhaps privacy;
  • cardio can be done by fast walking, just increase the duration to get some modest benefits (make sure you know the neighborhood);
  • stay in hotels that offer even the most modest fitness equipment;
  • use web-based maps to find suitable walking and jogging routes;
  • find a local park and practice your tai-chi for balance, breathing and muscle tone;
  • some fitness clubs offer rights to those traveling out-of-town – check with your club – or switch clubs;
  • use your portable music player to offer a pleasant audio environment for exercise;
  • take a work colleague for a long walk, discuss business, make money and get fit at the same time. (The late Steve Jobs did some of his best business while on a long walk).