Mentoring Services for Ringette Coaches

You have been assigned to be the head coach for a ringette team. The season is underway and life is good – or not.

You might see signs and symptoms that may be hindering your glee and satisfaction.

We understand the challenges of coaching ringette.

We have lived through the events that effect ringette teams: players, team dynamics, opponents, managing ice-time and lines, tactics, and “relations” with players, co-coaches, association leaders, and parents of players.

Over the past five years, we have worked with many Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches who struggled and needed somewhere to turn.

Building on our experience in personal training, organizational development, and group facilitation, we do one or more of the following:

  • Meet with you in a neutral place – away from your team – to discuss your coaching situation;
  • Watch you and your team in a game or practice situation;
  • Apply well accepted ringette coaching benchmarks to assess how you are doing;
  • Prepare recommendations and provide coaching and team tips to improve game-play or practice performance;
  • Act as a sounding board to discuss other team related issues that may be affecting you;
  • With your support and participation, undertake an intervention with your team – run a practice, assist with game management, or facilitate a team meeting.

Fee: $50 per session.

Not ready for a coaching mentor, we offer the following free coaching services:

  • Click here to see our latest round of Coaching Workshops offered through local ringette associations in the Eastern Region,
  • See our Ringette Coaching Tips on this website.