NCCP (Competition-Introduction) Gradation Process


This document is for people who have taken the CI course, and who have been assigned by the Eastern Region Ringette Association, Coaching Coordinator to work with Paul Youldon to complete their CI (Competition-Introduction) evaluation, leading to Certification. The purpose of this document is to outline the general expectations, the certification deliverables, and the process.

About the Process

Many people have been through the process. It is not difficult, but requires some planning.

The steps:

  • Preparing your documents;
  • Sending them to me for review and assessment;
  • If your documents are satisfactory, undertaking the “live” on-ice practice session, with real players (your team);
  • Completing your on-line ethics module, at your leisure, (I am not involved in this step), and;
  • Sending the completed assessment forms to the Ontario Ringette Association office in Toronto.

To get started, provide at least a couple of dates of when we can conduct the on-ice portion of the assessment.

Resources to Aid the Evaluation Process

Click here to download an MS Excel file which summarizes the major sections of the annual plan. Enter the starting year, month, and day, and the spreadsheet will fill in the correct dates so that each week starts on the Monday. You can manually correct the numbers if you like. There is some sample data. Update this information to reflect your team.

Other tabs in the Excel file come from the NCCP Coaches Workbook. Use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to provide your Performance Analysis Weakness and Correction and the a Weekly Team Analysis, EAP and Practice Plan.

For the on-ice practice, include what, where, when, objectives, diagrams, and the role of the goaltender.

When you took your CI and Gradation Workshops you were given two sets of documents: one for the CI Workshop and one for Gradation. Refer to the Coach Workbook, Reference Material, Toolbox, and the Coach Evaluation Package. There is a separate Evaluation Package in each set of documents. Look for the white paper documents. Review these two documents to understand what you need to do. We will do your evaluation for both at the same time.

Guidelines for Evaluation

Certification evaluators must use the criteria established by the National Coaching Certification Program. Refer to the Coach Evaluation Package to understand what will be assessed.

I will be evaluating four (4) learning outcomes:

  • Analyze Performance
  • Plan a Practice, including the Emergency Action Plan
  • Provide Support to the Athlete in Training (by implementing the practice plan on the ice), and;
  • Design a Season Plan

The following tips are provided to help with each outcome.

1. Analyze Performance.

  • Choose a scenario from the CI Evaluation Package that will benefit your team.
  • Identify a problem area, determine the skills needed to fix the problem, create all the drills necessary for the correction, and include your correction plan.
  • Put one or two of these drills into the Practice Plan for the on ice evaluation.
  • Submit this document to me prior to the ice session.
  • Use the topics covered in the Workshop;
  • Include explanation, teaching points, and diagrams;
  • Ensure the Practice Plan agrees with the time of your season in your Season Plan;
  • Ensure it meets the criteria for the growth and development for the age of your athletes;
  • Create the Emergency Action Plan (EAP);
  • Use the template provided from the samples below. You can create your own, however, in the interest of time, I suggest using the Excel model provided.
  • Use the sample electronic Excel templates, or, submit a paper copy of your Coach Workbook from the course.
  • Ensure that you review and answer ALL the questions that were posed from the Coach’s Workbook in the course;
  • Include an analysis of where your team is the week of your Practice. The Practice Plan must support the Seasonal Plan.
  • Address all safety issues;
  • Include the five headings from the workshop, and;
  • Remember to indicate activities for the Goalie during each part of the practice.

2. Plan a Practice.

3. Design a Basic Season Plan.

4. Provide Support to the Athlete in Training (Implementation of your practice plan, on the ice)

After the evaluation, I will send the files to the Ontario Ringette Association office in Toronto. You get a copy of the papers sent to the ORA office. The Coach Workbook will be returned to you once the evaluation is complete.

The next component is the on-line “Make Ethical Decisions” evaluation, using the following website:

To do well in the on-line ethics evaluation, use the process from the CI workshop. You need your Coaching Association number to complete the on-line evaluation. If you do not have a coaching number, contact the ERRA Coaching Coordinator (see ERRA website – Executive) who will arrange a CC (coaching) number through Ringette Canada, to complete the on-line ethics evaluation.

If you have any questions contact me by e-mail.

Yours in Ringette,

Paul Youldon